Life is a gift – our behaviours shape the future

Bridge the divide and strive for resolution

Conservation and protection is in the best interest of everyone

Cross-cultural understanding will eliminate misunderstandings

Life is beauty – protect and nurture it for a healthier future

The past cannot be changed, we can learn from it, and strive for a healthier future

Forget the mistakes of yesterday and embrace the potential of tomorrow

The world is complex – accept and embrace diversity

Encourage effective relationships, empower individuals to foster self-respect, and recognize other perspectives while striving for resolution.

Gayle Bedard, Founder of Gwa’ łgum’ax Consulting

Gwa’ łgum’ax Consulting

Gwa’lgum’ax Consulting (GGAX Consulting) specializes in education, workplace, individual and group conflict resolution. The founder of GGAX Consulting, Gayle Bedard, has academic and workplace experience in First Nation’s Governance and community relations and can assist school districts, First Nation Schools, organizations, industry, groups and individuals to constructively deal with and manage conflict.

At GGAX, we believe addressing the conflict at a deeper level offers individuals and groups a way to take control of the conflict situation and find alternative solutions. We will ‘walk with you’ through the conflict challenges to rebuild effective and harmonious relationships.


With over 28 years of education experience in elementary and secondary; Ministry of Education experience; and three years of government experience – GGAX has provided leadership and positive role modelling to Aboriginal students, parents, colleagues, teachers and community members.


With experience in relationship building and leadership, GGAX is prepared to walk with you through conflict challenges to rebuild effective and harmonious relationships. The goal is to find balance, become organizational and team conflict competent, and build better communities.


The goal is to get Individuals, groups, and organizations to identify the root causes of conflict. GGAX can work with you to map out and walk through the conflict process with tools to address the conflict. The most achievable outcome is to rebuild harmonious relationships.

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